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Immaculate Records was founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 2006 by Curtis Newart to release his debut album Exploits in a Modern World. Newart has an extensive background in music, marketing and publicity, event production, and management. 

The album received airplay, was carried in Toronto's iconic Sam the Record Man, Vancouver's HMV Mega store, and over 2400 special order desks at stores worldwide plus online stores including Walmart and MTV.

It first charted in Montreal, and the track Dead Religion ranked #36 on Amazon UK's Religion Chart.

Newart featured songs from the album in front of 300,000 spectators during the Vancouver Pride Parade and gave interviews to media outlets including Much Music (Canada's version of MTV).

The video for "Ridicule" was filmed in New York City, and the video for "I Would" was filmed in Mexico. 

Several fan favorites were remixed for the follow-up EP Exploits Remixed.

The label was relaunched in Montana, when Newart relocated to be with his husband.

Newart's second studio album Rock the Chandeliers was added to over 100 radio stations and charted at #43 on College Radio Charts for North America. 

Licensing deals were signed with several major networks and television programs including Discovery, the Oprah Winfrey Network, and NASCAR to allow usage of the songs in their programming. 

Currently run by Newart and his husband Robert, the label has diversified to add three subsidiary businesses: Robert Newart Photography, Lauperland (the world's largest Cyndi Lauper fansite), Pop Life Vintage Entertainment Memorabilia.

Soon to be relocated in New York state, Immaculate Records will offer rehearsal space, demo recording using Protools, and other services. 

Additional limited services to be offered onsite will include photography, mailings, publicity, performance bookings and management.

Professional services including CD and swag manufacturing will be contracted out, and depending on budget, additional professionals may be brought in including producers, engineers, radio trackers, sync-licensing agents, photographers, studio musicians, video production crew, records maintenance, bookkeeping, songwriting, arranging, publicists and booking agents.

Additional services to be offered are assistance in choosing a distributor, a Performing Rights Organization (such as BMI or ASCAP), and registering with royalty monitoring agencies to ensure pay for streaming and public performance of the artist's music.

A user friendly rate card and free initial consultations will be made available to interested musicians.

Immaculate Record Music Worldwide is registered as a music publisher with BMI in the United States, and with SOCAN in Canada.


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